Skål International São Paulo organises major event on World Tourism Day

The board of Skål International São Paulo changed the singular to the plural.

Instead of the individual, it opted for the collective.

And decided to award the Tourism Personality Award 2022 to a selection of 13 women who dedicate their lives to tourism. A wise, exemplary and significant innovation, which gives a new dimension to the strength of the union.

Each of the 13 honorees shines and makes a difference in the organisations where they work. All of them - without distinction - play the role of inducers of sustainable development in the tourism chain. They are managers, educators, qualified interlocutors in the market and knowledge aggregators. They transform academic postulates into practical activities, parameterised by a healthy working environment and results.

The award ceremony was conducted by the membership. Even under heavy rain, the event gathered more than 200 professionals for a cocktail and dinner served to the participants at the Bourbon Street Music Club, on the last World Tourism Day (27/09/2022).