Canada achieved 16% membership growth for 2019

Skål International Canada President’s Awards of Distinction 

Skål International Canada just concluded the second year hosting our club recognition program titled ‘President’s Awards of Distinction’ (PAD’s). 

Canada has 17 clubs and had previously hosted Club of the Year awards. Over the years, we experienced a decline in the number of clubs pursuing the award and winners became somewhat repetitive. A decision was made to move away from competition-based awards to a recognition/achievement award program to help clubs set realistic goals for each year. 

The goals for Skål International Canada PAD’s parallel the goals for the Skål International Club of the Year so clubs that achieve the higher goals would be automatically eligible to submit for the International award.  President Jean Pelletier stated that “this may influence clubs to prepare submissions for the International award and increase the number of submissions from Canada that would enhance Canada’s image in Skål International worldwide”.

The goals are in two parts

Five mandatory goals must be met, as a minimum, before being eligible for any award. The eight discretionary goals provide the building blocks that clubs can progressively achieve and attain a higher level of recognition. President Jean Pelletier  emphasized “how important the President’s Awards of Distinction are and how these goals provide a roadmap to running an effective and engaging club and growing membership”.

The Awards on in 3 tiers: Blue Award, Gold Award & Platinum Award:

Mandatory goals
Include submitting membership renewals and fees, submitting Form 2, FV or MDF contributions and submitting National Board reports on time.

Discretionary goals
Achieving less than 5% attrition or 5% or 10%+ membership growth, over and above contribution to Skål International awareness in the travel & tourism community, connecting with tourism students, participation at Skål International congresses and contributions to National newsletters and/or social media.

Executive Director Denis Smith observed “over two years we have seen a significant shift in a majority of clubs now actively working on their goals, becoming more engaged and interacting with other clubs and becoming more cognizant of the ‘bigger picture’ for their clubs”.

Over 75% of the Canadian clubs achieved growth in excess of 10% in new members! 

President’s Awards of Distinction 2020 PAD Goals

Quebec City group receiving the President’s Gold Award of Distinction for 2018!

The 2019 awards will be presented at the North American Skål Congress (NASC).