National activities of Skål International Mexico Jan-Feb'21

Skål International Mexico confirms nationwide activities that took place over the last few weeks between the 23 clubs:

Skål International Mexico:

Skål International Mexico had its first General Assembly of the Year, which started with a virtual Kick-Off Coctel on Friday 22nd of January.

The following day, the Assembly took place, being headed by the Skål International Mexico National Committee and the Presidents of the 23 clubs.

        Skål International Monterrey

        Skål International Monterrey has a new president.

        In the first meeting of 2021, the members of the Skål International Monterrey 305, with all the protocols, gathered at the NH Monterrey Hotel for the inauguration of the new president Roberto Echeverría Villarreal.

        "It is an honor to serve and preside over such a distinguished group of businessmen from the tourism sector in the Sultana del Norte", says Roberto Echeverría.

        "For that reason, I will focus in my period as president on three main things that will be to maintain the majority of members that make up our club, through events which are carried out with the highest health protocol, always taking into account the well-being of our Skålleagues. A Wellness program will be created specifically to consider for this year and continue maintaining healthy finances by creating events and promoting the integration of members and their families".

        "The outgoing president, Felipe Mendoza, I thank him for his support to our skålleague friends and congratulate him on his annual report, which had significant challenges in 2020".

        Felipe Mendoza, outgoing president, presents the president's necklace to the newly appointed Roberto Echevería.
        Felipe Mendoza, outgoing president, presents the president's necklace to the newly appointed Roberto Echevería.

        The 2021 Board of Directors of Club Skål International Monterrey 305 is made up of the following:

        • Roberto Francisco Echeverría Villarreal, President.

        • Alberto Rodríguez Álvarez, Vice President and Young Skål Member.

        • Alejandro Alberto Lozano Treviño, Secretary.

        • Juan Carlos Martínez Ochoa, Treasurer.

        • Felipe de Jesús Mendoza Gutiérrez, Past President.

        • German Alfonso Villarreal Lozano, Curator.

        • Adrián Garza Bello, Twinning Club.

        • Jesús Covarrubias Carrillo, Sustainability.

        • José Farías Chapa, New Partners / Membership.

        • Mauricio Saldaña Bustamante, Sponsorships and Special Events.

        • Milton Efraín González Huerta, Communications Officer.

        • Pedro García De la Garza, Business to Business.

        • Servando Garza Rocha, Wellness.

        Skål International Veracruz

        Monthly luncheon enjoyed by Skål members of Veracruz at Boca del Rio.

        Skål International Mexico City

        The new President Gustavo Bolio took office with his new board during a luncheon held in a small group at the Camino Real Airport Hotel in Mexico City on Friday the 22nd of January.

        The outgoing President Ricardo Cordova gave a speech on all the activities that they did in 2020. The rest of the members were sent a lovely box lunch to enjoy by watching Zoom's ceremony. Every year, the club presents a medal to the Skålleague of the year awarded to Chema Manzanares.

        Skål International Bahía Huatulco

        Skål International Huatulco had a delightful oriental dinner. 

        Skål International Riviera Maya

        What a place to start this new year… Now Jade! 

        Location: Now Jade Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa, Puerto Morelos.  |  Date: January 21, 2021.  |  Host: Erik van der Kaaij

        Our Riviera Maya Club Lunch was excellent in all aspects… service, menu, view, and the list could go on and on. 

        Erik, thank you!!! You and your staff set the positive and good vibes that we all need for 2021.


        Skål International Isla Mujeres – Puerto Morelos

        First general luncheon of 2021.

        Skål International Isla Mujeres-Puerto Morelos 723 met on Friday 29th of January for the first general luncheon of the year, 19 of 34 members assisted, great food, Mexican wines, networking, birthday celebrations, and a good cheer for the new year with a glass of champagne to end the event.

        Skål International Acapulco

        Skål International Acapulco celebrated its first regulatory meeting, presided by Ivonne Rosado Mustache.

        The luncheon took place at the Becco Restaurant al Mare, with an Italian 5 course Haut Cuisine with the pairing of three different label wines overlooking the beautiful background bay of Acapulco. There two special guests; The Young Skål President of Mexico City, Maria Fernanda Soler, and the Secretary of Tourism for Acapulco Lic. José Luis Basilio Talavera.