Skål International Cusco twins with the Mexican Clubs of Acapulco, Mexico City and Riviera Maya

From Cusco, Peru, it was seen as very beneficial to sign twinnings with three different cities in Mexico...

...because Mexico and Peru share a very similar cultural past, home to the world's greatest pre-Colombian civilisations in the Americas: the Aztecs and the Incas. Both stood as the greatest empires of ancient America.

Each of these twinnings has a special significance as they will allow for collaboration in promoting these cities, as well as creating common projects and commercial exchanges in line with Skål International's motto 'Doing business among friends'.

The twinning will benefit the clubs in cultural, economic and touristic aspects and will allow them to work on resolutions for club management, networking and best practices.

  • Acapulco: has been in the memory of most Peruvians as one of the number one beach destinations since the 1970s.

  • Mexico City: is one of the main gateways for Peruvians entering Mexico and has become an iconic example of organisation and leadership. Something we can all learn from.

  • Riviera Maya: is nowadays one of the favourite resorts for Peruvians, which is reflected in the numbers of travellers that have surpassed pre-pandemic levels, currently standing at 110% according to figures from LAP, the concessionaire of Lima's Jorge Chávez airport.

In addition, since June this year, new flights have been inaugurated on the Cancun-Lima and Mexico City-Lima routes, and according to figures from Promperu, the number of tourists from Mexico has doubled in 2019. Pablo Monroy Conesa, Ambassador of Mexico in Peru, said that in 2019, more than 250,000 Peruvians travelled to Mexico, while 130,000 Mexicans visited Peru.

The average stay of Mexicans in Peru is 10 days, and the average expenditure is USD $1,100.

The National President of Skål International Mexico Jane Garcia welcomes the union and synergy between Skål International Acapulco chaired by its President Ivonne Rosado, Skål International Mexico City chaired by its President Gustavo Bolio and represented in Croatia by Maylen Jean, Skål International Riviera Maya chaired by its President Francelia Mota, together with Skål International Cusco and its President María del Pilar Salas.