Skål International Latin American Congress 2020

CLACKSKÅL Guayaquil, 17-21 April 2020

To all members of Skål International around the world.

The Organizing Committee of the 2020 Latin American Skål International Congress, Guayaquil and its President Fabrizio Garcia, have the honor of inviting you to this important event for the travel and tourism sector.

Here you will find the link with the registration form, event program and the pre and post tours prepared for all attendees.

Come and enjoy the marvelous experience and Skål fraternity in Ecuador´s economic capital Guayaquil, our entrance to the world through the Guayas river, the beautiful beaches and of course, the Galápagos Islands, world heritage site.

We are thrilled to welcome all travel and tourism professionals with open arms to enhance Tourism trough knowledge, and also solidarity and peace between the members of our prestigious club, here in Guayaquil that has assume this leadership as one of the best touristic destinations in Ecuador.

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