Skål International Roma with Solidus in the Italian Parliament

The Vice President of Skål International Roma Luigi Sciarra, as coordinator of Solidus Lazio, was received with the delegation made up of ABI Professional - Professional Bartenders Ciro Langella, Alessandro Bernardi, Riccardo Ponzianelli, ADA (Ass. Hotel Directors) Luigi Sciarra, AIH (Ass. Italian Housekeeping), Zambuco Margherita, Alessandra Marzano AMIRA - The maître de hall Aldo Masetti, FAIPA - the golden keys The porters Carlo Duca, Giuseppe Sicurella AIRA reception clerks, AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier), FIC (Italian Federation of Chefs), 22/10 by the Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies Fabio Rampelli.

The Chamber of Deputies, in the Italian political system, is one of the two legislative assemblies or chambers, together with the Senate of the Republic, which constitutes the Italian Parliament

In the panorama of professional associations, says Luigi Sciarra, Skål International Roma wants to be the point of reference and synthesis of all the needs of the tourism sector. Skål International, continues Luigi Sciarra, is the only international group that brings together all branches of the tourism and travel industry.

On the occasion of the meeting, Solidus was presented, it’s permanent forum of professional associations in the hotel world that represent the most significant professions in the sector, from directors to housekeepers, from sommeliers to maîtrees, from cooks to doormen and from the world of wide-ranging catering.

In the meeting, each of the participants had the opportunity to deeply present their association and the activities they carry out in support of their members and the specifics of their work, 'united' in the problems of Italian Hospitality Professionals and the tourism supply chain. , drawing the attention of the Hon Fabio Rampelli to the legislative vulnus on individual professions.

The Vice President of the Chamber, agreeing on the critical points highlighted, invited to organically present concrete requests for which he has undertaken to give his contribution and asking the coordinator to be available for new meetings with Solidus and with Skål International.