The 7th Mediterranean Tourism Forum, Malta

Mediterranean brain. Business research and innovation network.

13th & 14th June 2022. Malta.

Organized by the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation (MTF) which is an independent and impartial international organisation for public-private cooperation. It aims to increase the potential of sustainable tourism growth across the Mediterranean, by transforming the region into an area of peace, cooperation and prosperity through regional cooperation and tangible projects including commercial initiatives. 

The MTF has as patron H.E Dr George Vella, President of Malta who is a very active advocate for peace in the Mediterranean region through the promotion of sustainable tourism growth…

The theme of the 2022 Forum was ‘Medıterranean Braın – Business Research And Innovation Network’. The discussions have focused on why we need to re-learn how to better use our brains, as whatever the situation is, thinking outside the box is today becoming the moon-shot of our generation.

In a nutshell the aim was to attract the best brains from across the world and convene them within the braın initiatives to brainstorm ideas and inspire new solutions that address challenges which the travel, tourism and hospitality sector is facing.

The events related to the Forum started on June 13th 2022 during which various think tanks were held with the aim to compile a declaration on the future of tourism. On the evening of the same day  Mediterranean Tourism Awards Gala event was organised and hosted by the President of Malta, H.E Dr George Vella, at one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in Malta. On the 14th June the Mediterranean Tourism Forum plenary session, various breakout Master Classes were held in the afternoon session addressing different interesting topics. Skål International President  Burcin Turkkan and Interim VP Hulya Aslantas were invited to the event.

Skål International President Burcin Turkkan was a key note speaker at one of the panels titled, ‘Tourısm as a catalyst for good’ presenting the options available to the tourism industry in the year ahead, and how we might collectively build a more sustainable and balanced future,  key emerging trends and insights from across the industry to identify what may impact the future of tourism, and the role that the industry can play to ensure a transformational future.

Hulya Aslantas was the moderator of the Master Class, created by women for all, powered by tourism to discuss 'Why we need women to have a larger role in Innovation'…

During the Gala Award Ceremony, Hulya Aslantaş received the ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ presented by the President of Malta, H.E Dr George Vella.