Updates on Chinese Digital & Consumer Trends 2020

By Andrew J. Wood

President, Skål International Bangkok

Here is the latest news and updates on Chinese Digital & Consumer Trends from our Bangkok based Skålleagues.


  1. Luckin Coffee has become the largest coffee chain in China with more than 4910 stores. 90% of Luckin stores are pick-up stores. A minimum service model.

  2. Kuaishou will be CCTV’s exclusive partner for the Chinese New Year Gala celebrations. In order to reach 300 million DAU (Kuaishou have a DAU (Daily Active Users) of 100 million or more per month). The Chinese short video company has prepared 1 billion RMB worth of lucky red packets. Have you set up your account to capture CNY digital flow? Revenue is generated from advertisers and the live streaming income is achieved by selling consumer goods, such as clothes and accessories, via interactive links to e-commerce platforms such as Taobao. DAU, is one of the most critical indicators in assessing the performance of a social media platform, it measures the number of users who click on a certain app within a day.

  3. Information posted on Weibo and WeChat private chats can now be used as a digital evidence in the Chinese court. Be due diligent about the content. 

  4. JD logistics is preparing for an IPO. Experts say, it’s valuation might reach $30 billion. It’s about owning the supply chain! 

  5. WeChat Work update now allows companies to publish in fan’s Moments. Tencent has also launched a Zoom-like B2B app, called Tencent Meeting. Add it to your to-do-list? Try it out & see the ROI. 

  6. Xiaohongshu (RED) announced that influencers are to share the fees paid to them with the platform. No one like ad. But people like good content, how to emerge ad in content? Food for thought. 

  7. Live-streaming tripled WeChat conversion rates in female apparel industry in 2019. All while Kuaishou live broadcast DAU exceed 100 million in 2019. Female traveller is also the biggest upcoming trend to tap into! 

  8. WeChat has announced its WeChat Search feature coming January 2020, a rival to Baidu. 

  9. Douyin updated its e-commerce function, users can now see related products in feed while watching a video - It’s all about customer journey and capture the “buying desire” right away! 

  10. Again, there is not only double 11, also double 12! A great way to capture digital marketing ROI. Double Eleven (11.11), a.k.a. Singles' Day Festival is a global shopping event initiated by Alibaba and adopted by other e-commerce platforms and retailers. Double 12 is similar but not as big. Consumers can expect the largest discount of the year while businesses expect a significant portion of annual revenues from these one-day sales. Almost every China internet user receives the invitation to this event whether single or not. It’s the online equivalent of 'Black Friday' in China! People stay up the whole night for this. Have you tapped into this?