May'20 Message from the President

Peter C Morrison MNZM

President Skål International

As many of you may well know, nine years ago we here in my home city of Christchurch New Zealand had a massive earthquake that drastically devastated our city with 124 lives lost and altered our lives with what we thought beyond belief.

Two years ago in our city, we had 51 innocent people killed by a madman in the Muslim Mosque massacre.

Now we have this unprecedented and such challenging COVID-19.

So different and so much worse than all of the above.

Strange as it sounds; navigating a crisis is kind of in my make up now.

I am motivated and inspired by the ability that we – as Skålleagues all around the world have reacted to this global predicament.

The answers in my mind, lies in us all having to work together.

In some ways we are all itching to get back to the way things were.

But many of you may have enjoyed the slower pace.

But let’s not sugar coat the pre-COVID world.

We all remember Climate Change, oil prices, rising sea levels, poverty around the world, pollution, sustainability and so the list goes on.

When we come out of this, they will still be there.

Post COVID, our Industry will come back and will get support from not only Governments, but also all the population of the world that really love travelling.

There are definitely some things that I (and I am sure you) have gone without in the past 2 and 1/2 months that I’ll be happy to remain without.

One that I will not want to go without though, in my 'new' world is my Skål International Membership.

I put it to you – the reader, that you will not either.

He Waka Eke Noa” – We are ALL in this together.

Your Skål International membership is VITAL.

If we are to survive, we must all have the vision to co-operate and collaborate together to ensure Skål International remains viable and the Number 1 Travel and Tourism Association in the World.

Sitting in my isolation 'bubble' and contemplating the time when we all progressively emerge from our lockdowns; I am keen to be able to hope that my children and grandchildren will have safe and good lives, but also that they will be able to join Skål International in the future.

I hope you all as Skålleagues think the same as me!!

Yours in Skål!

Peter Morrison MNZM

World President 2020