Message from Skål International’s first ever virtual President

Peter Morrison, President Skål International

Peter C Morrison MNZM

President Skål International

Wow it’s great to be a FIRST!

As I write this update, I have just finished a Zoom meeting hosted by Skål International Puerto Rico - President Robert Rodrigues and attended by Skål International Northern New Jersey, Skål International Philadelphia, Skål International Myrtle Beach and Skål International USA Executive Committee. It was excellent. So was the ‘Bloody Mary’ I did the toast with. I recited the toast in New Zealand’s native Maori language and Skål International USA President David Ryan did a mighty job in English. Thanks to Holly Powers and Jim Dwyer for the invitation.

Online meetings

My days at the moment seem to be dominated now by online meetings – Zoom, Skype, and Google Hang-Outs etc etc.

I am sure it is the same for a lot of our members.

Earlier this month I 'Zoomed' into a Skål International Hyderabad Webinar. It was good to be taken back to memories of 2015. There is a lot I did not see when I attended Congress.

Of course in my home Country of New Zealand I have attended many Zoom updates.

Earlier this month, Skål International Cairns in Australia hosted their monthly luncheon on Zoom. This was excellent! Over 50 in attendance, with all having their own type of lunch (lots of BBQ’s going on). Of course there were drinks in abundance – Skål Toast of course.  There were excellent updates from Tourism hierarchy and even their fine session and 'Heads and Tails'. Nearly all the attendees had a chance to speak. It 'finished' officially after 3 hours; but I am told there were still people 'Zooming' 6 hours later!!

I highly endorse and recommend this manner of keeping in touch in these challenging and unprecedented times.

Last week I kept 'Zooming' with Skål International Washington’s 'Happy Hour'. It was at 9.00am NZ Time so was a bit early to be “Happy” for me!!

World Skål Day

Please remember to join in on our Skål International Day on 28th April. Get your ‘Skål Toast’ up on Social Media. I am joining Skål International Isla Mujeres-Puerto Morelos for their Virtual Meeting at 6.00pm their time and 11.30am on 29 April for me. Many thanks to Jane Garcia for arranging this.

I thank all Skålleagues who have corresponded with me on many matters, ideas and how we should go forward. We all want to revert to normal as soon as possible. Unfortunately we have NO influence on when this will end.

The Executive Board is working hard

Your Executive Board is meeting very regularly and in fact we met last week for 3 Hours by Skype. This included an hour with the ISC Board as well. We reconvened the meeting later that week to finish the Agenda. 

We will be updating you on numerous matters following this.

Be strong, keep going

While we are far away from you, we are together in sharing the immense challenge, change, sadness and uncertainty. COVID-19 has been able to grip the world in a way we’ve not experienced before because of our connectedness. But the Tourism industry’s strong ties are what ensure that we will build our industry again.

An expression in Māori, the native language of my country New Zealand, is “Kia Kaha”. It means “be strong, keep going”. As Skålleagues we all know that travel is an innate passion in so many and that we will venture to new lands again one day. The desire for new experiences will only be made stronger while we stay at home to save lives.

Your Virtual President

Mā te wā (see you soon) I hope!!

Peter C Morrison MNZM
President, Skål International