Technological Evolution of Skål International

Over the last two years, Skål International has been involved in a digital transformation process.

This process of Technological Evolution still continues, and the goal is to improve the services, information and communication flows between members, clubs and national and area committees.

During the General Assembly that took place in October 2018, the budget of this first phase of the project was approved. During the year 2019 and the first months of 2020 and within the approved budget, this first phase focused on the development that included the acquisition and implementation of the Odoo tool and some basic features.

It was possible during this period to create the general structure of the tool and to add the first Service Modules according to the priorities detected at that time.

During this development process, we had the valuable participation of some members who collaborated testing the new platform. We received suggestions for improvements, and some of them will be implemented during the second part of this year.

With the transition from the old to the new system, as in any complex project of this kind, we experience some challenges. For those of you who have some knowledge of technology or have participated in this type of process know well that these situations are very common.

We have made an important coordination effort to implement processes that meet the objectives and we continue working with the suggestions that we constantly receive from you.

Once again, I would like to thank all those who constructively contribute with their constant experience and provide solutions to improve the platform and be able to continue this process of digital transformation.

In the following video we will share the most important changes that have been implemented throughout 2020, taking into account the collaboration of many of the users of the new platform.


I hope you have enjoyed this video that we have made so that we can quickly give you an overview of the work done.

In the coming weeks a very exciting phase will begin, as many of you are waiting for, we will start with the development of the websites for Clubs, National and Area Committees. As you have heard in the video, I am happy to let you know that although the development of the websites for Area Committee were not part of this project, we have been able to include them at no additional cost.

Like any new technological tool, the adaptation process is gradual, and communication is fundamental.

To increase the familiarity with the new platform, a series of training tutorials were created to help with the understanding and use of the new tool. 

A helpdesk was also created to manage incidents, deal with queries and provide a channel for solving problems detected by users.

Regular communications have been sent out and a monthly update has been incorporated as a permanent feature in our newsletters and magazines.

The latest improvements will be uploaded in November. On November 9th we will send a communication to all officers which will include a series of tutorial videos so that they know how to use the platform. A webinar is scheduled for 23 November in the three official languages of Skål International and will be recorded for use as a guide for those unable to attend. In this webinar you will be able to ask any questions you may have about the management of the platform and about the Clubs, National and Area Committee websites project.

Once this phase has been completed, for 2021 we have planned a second package of improvements that will include the basic development of the virtual membership card and adjustments to the CRM. This a part of the platform has not been yet developed as we would like and has great potential. is not just a corporate communication website, it is the meeting place where all Skålleagues can share contacts and build networks to boost their business.

To be able to use the potential that the tool has we invite you to enter and update your profile data and preferences and start using it.

Thank you.

Daniela Otero

CEO Skål International