Berlin Meeting of the world at ITB

For the second year in a row at a ‘Skål’ bar, Skål International Berlin welcomed Skålleagues from many countries to its ITB meeting. The mood was once again unique, with guests from Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.

By Moritz Freise, President of Skål International Berlin

Skål International Berlin “plundered its bank account”, only to buy its own bar, and of course that could only be named ‘Skål’. That was a lie, but the joke was well received at the Skål International Berlin meeting with Skål International friends from almost all parts of the world, on March 6th at the ITB Berlin Convention 2024.

More than 40 Skål International friends took part – from Kenya, South Africa, Italy, Sweden, USA and India, they were all warmly welcomed by the Skål International Berlin President, Moritz Freise, and the Skål International Germany President, Johannes Jungwirth. When he offered the international Skål International toast, it became clear how the Skål International idea of friendship between tourism professionals transcends all national borders. “Happiness”, “Good health”, “Friendship” and “Long life” – “Skål!”, the group thundered back every word.

Even after a long day at the trade fair, there were non-stop, energetic conversations, including about shared business ideas. "You know how the long-distance travel market works in Germany, I'm a leading incoming tour operator in my country – then let's work together to bring more Germans to us." The very next day the emails were flying back and forth, soon to be followed by tourists.

The cozy bar ‘Skål by Munch's Hus’ facing the beautiful Ernst-August square in Charlottenburg was of course not founded by the Club. But the name appeared so sexy that a year ago Skål International Berlin club couldn't resist testing the location as a meeting place for the Skål International world at the ITB show. Back then, as now, no one at all was disappointed by the “Nordic tapas” and good wines, so the good experience has now become a new Skål International tradition.