Big Skål International gathering in Ankara to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye

On 2 December 2023, the members of the Board of Directors of the National Committee, the International Councillor, the Presidents of the Skål International Clubs present, the Past Presidents of the National Committee and Clubs, members and potential members, gathered in the courtyard of Anitkabir (Ataturk Mausoleum) to lay a wreath at the tomb of Atatürk, who founded the Republic of Türkiye in 1923.

After the wreath laying ceremony President of the National Committee of Türkiye Mr. Orhon Atameric wrote an article in the memorial book of Anitkabir and gave information about Skål International and Skål International Türkiye and pointed out the goals of Skål International Türkiye for the  future.

At the Barceló Occidental Hotel a 'Skål International Ball' took place to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye. The evening event started with a cocktail and with the participation of 82 Skålleagues who came from different cities of Türkiye to represent their Clubs. Many photographs were taken to commemorate this special day.

In the ballroom tables were decorated with flowers, Turkish and Skål International Türkiye table flags. Mr. Atameric greeted the participants and during his speech all attendees made a journey to the past of Skål International in Türkiye. He spoke about the history of the organization in the country, and about the living senior members.

The Skålleagues also commemorated the Membres d'Honneur who passed away and wished the living ones good health and long life.

After the Skål International toast and cake cutting ceremony with the Board members the entertainment started and continued until midnight.