Four Skålleagues, among the 150 most influential in tourism in Spain

Four Skålleagues from Spain have been chosen among the 150 best tourism professionals in Spain, according to the fifth study carried out by the company Sergestur for the current year 2024.

The most influential Skålleagues in the tourism sector are Ramón Adillón Sastre, Miguel Carrasco Hernández and Bernat Cañellas Murci of Skål International Madrid, and David Morales Déniz of Skål International Gran Canaria.

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Ramón Adillón

Ramón Adillón works at Paradores de Turismo de España; he holds a Diploma in Tourism from the Universidad de las Islas Baleares, a degree in Business and Tourism from the University of the West of England and a Master's degree in Tourism Management from the Instituto de Empresa. He has developed his entire professional career in the tourism sector, as a hotel manager or in central hotel chains, in the Public Tourism Administration and as a teacher in higher courses of hospitality and tourism. He has been a member of the Panel of Experts of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) since 2006, of the AEDH since 1993 and of Skål International Madrid, where he is currently president.

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Miguel Carrasco

Miguel Carrasco is Director of Accessible Tourism at Impulsa Igualdad TUR4all and COO of TUR4all Travel (Madrid). He oversees and develops the strategy of the area, the drafting and evaluation of strategic plans and accessible tourism programs in national and international destinations, as well as the business development of the TUR4all platform. As a trainer in accessible tourism, he represents the entity at the social and political level, nationally and internationally in the tourism field as a member of the Board Membership of ENAT and the Board of Directors of ISTO. He is also COO of TUR4all Travel, the specialized travel agency created by Impulsa Igualdad.

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Bernat Cañellas

Bernat Cañellas was Sales Director at Soltour. CFO at Barceló Viajes (now Ávoris) and at Barceló Hotels UK. He is also co-founder of The Hotel Factory. Currently, he is CEO and co-founder of Schôolers, whose purpose is to train and transform talent in the tourism sector through upskilling processes, including fresh and dynamic audiovisual content. Winner of the e-learning Xallenge Master and Honorary Ruler (ASEGO). Additionally, he is a founding partner of the consulting firm Lemonade Hospitality Partners, member of the Green & Human committee and director of the Nest ESG Mallorca project. Regarding the future tourism sector, he hopes that it will continue to be a global benchmark by applying ESG sustainability criteria, focusing on digitization, training and talent development.

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David Morales

David Morales is a director of tourism companies and organizations, with 30 years of professional experience in the tourism sector (since January 2024 he is the director of the five-star Hotel Lopesan Villa del Conde). President of Skål International Gran Canaria. Executive member of the Center for Initiatives and Tourism of Gran Canaria. Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Tourism Forum of Maspalomas. Associate Professor of the Canary Islands Institute of Tourism. Cross of Merit of the National Police/Ministry of Interior 2017. Roque Nublo de Turismo/Cabildo de Gran Canaria 2018. Regular contributor to the written press, radio and television, with more than 120 published articles on the tourism sector.