International Yoga day by Skål International Delhi

International Yoga day has been celebrated since 2015 on 21 June every year. 

A 5000 year old practice that originated in India is today followed by the world over and is considered a cure for many an illness besides maintaining a balance of the body and mind.

Wellness today is a priority amongst all age groups and this initiative of celebrating on this day is gaining popularity across the globe.

Skål International Delhi has taken the opportunity under the aegis of President Sk Ranjit Vig to collaborate with one of the leading Yoga institutes based in the capital to include Skålleagues in this practice.

While wishing Skålleagues across all borders good health, we will be delighted to hear from anyone who may be interested in receiving more information on the practice as we can share videos and tips on yoga as we embark on a commitment to stay well & fit!

The video is informative and easy to follow and hope you find it helpful!