Mourning for Ivo Nekvapil

It is with enormous sadness I confirm the passing of Mr. Ivo Nekvapil on 15th November.

Ivo passed peacefully at his residence on Australia’s Gold Coast following an incredibly brave battle with illness.

Many will have had this sad new broken to them through one of the many WhatsApp chat groups Ivo hosted and it is a great testament to Ivo’s passion & skill for networking that 1000s of messages have been exchanged in his memory.

A proud and long-time Skålleague, Ivo served as President of Skål International Kuala Lumpur for twelve years, welcoming hundreds of new members in Malaysia while encouraging many more in other parts of the World to join Skål International. Ivo also served on the Skål International Asian Area board from 1990 to 2006 garnering great admiration and support in his Vice President and Secretary roles.

Respected across the World as a 'Hotelier Extraordinaire', Ivo worked for many years with Hyatt Hotels but it was in Malaysia Ivo made his professional home. This saw Ivo work with and support many Malaysian Hotel groups, hotel owners and hospitality companies for the betterment of all. The Malaysian hospitality industry’s respect for Ivo was such that he served on the board of the Malaysian Association of Hotels as Vice President for over ten years. Ivo proudly waved the Malaysian flag at each of the many International events he attended.

Originally Czech, Ivo migrated to Australia in his youth. As such the World was very much Ivo’s oyster. This makes the fact Ivo chose Malaysia to be his home so special and a rare, fitting honour that Ivo was granted Malaysian Permanent Residency.

Sadly, Ivo fell seriously ill and was forced to move to Australia a few years ago to receive specialist medical care. He fought with vigour to regain his mobility which saw Ivo return to Malaysia for a number of 'Trips Home' complete with schedules filled with events held at Malaysia’s best hotels and restaurants where Ivo gathered his friends in the warmest of camaraderie.

For all Ivo was more than a boss, a colleague, a Skålleague, a Rotarian, a Lion and even more than a normal friend. Ivo always brought greater value to relationships, not only through his incredible generosity but also through his determined interest in wanting to help everyone he met achieve the best of their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

As witnessed though the incredible outpouring of feeling via social media and his beloved WhatsApp, Ivo’s passing is felt greatly across the Skål International World, across the hospitality industry and for many in Malaysia.

Together we grieve with his exceptional son Matthew T Nekvapil and family with all our kindest thoughts and prayers.

Rest in eternal peace Ivo… 


Bill Haswell

President, Skål International Kuala Lumpur