National activities of Skål International Mexico September-October’21

Skål International Mexico confirms nationwide activities that took place over the last few weeks between the 23 clubs:

Skål International México shares some of the Skålleagues recent highlights:

Skål International Isla Mujeres - Puerto Morelos 

Golf Tournament

Skål International Isla Mujeres - Puerto Morelos had its First Skål & Friends Invitational Golf Tournament held in Playa Mujeres, marking the celebration of #WorldTourismDay and an opportunity of networking for fellow Skålleagues and people who are in the tourism industry.

Monthly luncheon 

Skål International Isla Mujeres - Puerto Morelos celebrated its monthly luncheon on September 25th with 53 attendees at Atelier Hotel in Playa Mujeres with the presence of the Skål International Mexico National President, Enrique Flores.

We celebrated the welcoming of five new members, World Tourism Day, and birthdays for September.

Skål  International Tijuana – Ensenada


Skål International Tijuana – Ensenada celebrated VIVA MEXICO, having traditional Mexican gastronomy and wines from the Valle de Guadalupe. The night went on with a Karaoke which brought many Skålleagues taking part in the entertainment.


Skål International Veracruz

15th Anniversary

Skål International Veracruz, a celebration of their 15th Anniversary!


Skål International Villahermosa

Monthly luncheon

Skål International Villahermosa, enjoying their monthly luncheon!

Skål International Ensenada - Valles Vitivinicolas

Monthly luncheon 

Skål International Ensenada - Valles Vitivinicola held its monthly luncheon in The House of Seven Patios, on the scenic sea of Ensenada, Baja California, and Skålleague Jean-loup Bitterlin was the host.

Skål International Bahías de Huatulco 

Mexican Day Celebration 

A special evening where Skålleagues enjoyed with the National President Enrique Flores, and celebrated the Mexican Day with a spectacular dinner overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Skålleague awarded at the 'Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America'

Skålleague Sara Maria Muñozcano, a club member, recently won an award in Wines & Spirits Wholesalers of America!