Skål International at FIT 2023

Skål International, through its president, promoted the benefits of its activities at the International Tourism Fair of Latin America.

On the occasion of FIT 23 - International Tourism Fair of Latin America, Skål International offered two presentations led by its president, Juan Ignacio Steta, who was accompanied by Annette Cárdenas, vice-president of the entity.

Steta, of Mexican origin, was CEO and general director of Aeromar, a regional airline based in Mexico City, and among other functions, he held positions in the Mexican National Tourism Business Council (Cnet) and the National Chamber of Aerotransports (Canaero).

Cárdenas, a Panamanian, was for more than 23 years Director of Sales and Marketing at Marriott International. She also served as a director of the Panama Chamber of Commerce.

Locally, the visitors were assisted by the Skål International National Committee, chaired by Carlos Asensio, and Skål International Buenos Aires, headed by Alejandro Duarte.

Previous activities included a lunch at the Skål International Buenos Aires facilities and a dinner and tango show at Michelángelo.

Skål International: belonging has its privileges

The talks given in the auditorium sector of FIT 2023 focused on the benefits of belonging to the organization, which, through friendship and networking, provides access to a vast network of contacts in the tourism industry on a global scale.

These conferences were sponsored by Tucano Tours, Avril Assistance, Logan Travel and Grupo GEA.

In addition, emphasis was placed on Skål International's commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism, which the entity has been supporting through awards presented in collaboration with UNWTO - World Tourism Organization.

It was recalled that Skål International was founded in 1934 and is the only professional organization that promotes global tourism and friendship, uniting all sectors of the travel industry. It has more than 12,000 members, mainly industry executives, who meet regularly in more than 300 Skål International Clubs established in 76 countries.

In addition, local Skålleagues were invited to participate in the Spring Meeting to be held in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, from November 3 to 5.

The original article was published on October 5, 2023 in 'La Agencia de Viajes Argentina', by Alberto Sánchez Lavalle. Read here the original article.
Image source: 'La Agencia de Viajes Argentina - Ladevi'.