Skål International Europe Area Committee AGA

Skål International Europe Area Committee first Annual General Assembly

The Skål International Europe Area Committee held its first Annual General Assembly on Saturday 23 October 2021 under a hybrid format, in Venice and virtually for those who could not be present.

A new Board of Officers was elected with candidates who will work together to vitalise the European idea in the community. 

The members of the new team are:

  • Franz Heffeter (Salzburg) - President 

  • Georgeta Grecu (Bucharest) - International Councillor 

  • Francisco Rivero (Madrid) - Vice President

  • Tito Livio Mongelli (Rome) - Vice President

  • Bjorn Arvidsson (Stockholm) – Secretary

  • David Fontanella (Switzerland) - Communications Director

  • Paolo Bartolozzi (Italy) - Web Administrator 

The results were announced by Daniela Otero, CEO of Skål International. The new Board held its first meeting following the Skål Europe Awards Ceremony which had been perfectly organised by Skål International Venezia and the Italian Skål International President Armando Ballarin.

From the left: Francisco Rivero, Paolo Bartolozzi, Franz Heffeter, Daniela Otero, Tito Livio Mongelli, Bjorn Arvidsson, David Fontanella.

The Committee believes strongly in the importance of the area representation to bring the voices of the European clubs into accordance and to articulate those in Skål International for a better understanding of the specific challenges of European tourism.

During the AGA the matters of sustainability, creating added value for more attractivity of membership and especially finding ways to support young people finding their ways to a fulfilling career in tourism were enhanced.