Skål International London events January-March'24

Summary of events held by Skål International London (Canada) during the first quarter of 2024.

Skål International London January’24 dinner.

For our first Skål International dinner in 2024, members and guests visited a new venue that recently opened their doors in London at The Beer Kitchen. A big thank you to member, Luca Monti with 100 Kellogg Lane and Bridget Atkinson, GM, at the new Beer Kitchen for a fun evening. We celebrated the installation of our new 2024 President and inducted our new Young Skål Professional, Weireen Velasquez.

Proudly part of 100 Kellogg Lane, The Beer Kitchen is a unique take on a traditional German Beer Market. You are transported straight to Germany once you step foot in their space where new and old friends can gather at their large communal table and enjoy Ontario’s best tank to glass experience in house brewed beers! Their Food Hall menu offers a variety of cuisines for everyone from Old World to New World and seasonal cuisine, and of course Pizza.

From left to right: Nadia McCormack-McIntyre (member/Board), Emanuela Frongia (member/Board), Georgia Raso (member/Past President), Luca Monti (2024 President), Amy Shackleton (guest), Weireen Velasquez (member), Sean Palmer (member).

From left to right: Nadia McCormack-McIntyre (member/Board), Weireen Velasquez (member), Georgia Raso (member/Board).

Georgia Raso (outgoing President 2019-2023), Luca Monti (incoming President 2024).

From left to right: Sean Palmer (member), Amy Shackleton (guest), Luca Monti (member/Board), Weireen Velasquez (member), Nadia McCormack-McIntyre (member/Board), Emanuela Frongia (member/Board).

Skål International London February’24 dinner.

Members and guests had a great dining experience at their February dinner, thanks to their host, Amy Shackleton, CEO of Covent Garden Market and James, bartender and server extraordinaire with Waldo’s on King. Excited to officially welcome one of our newest members, Annette Lee, Retail Sales & Hospitality Coordinator with Quai du Vin Estate Winery, at our membership induction ceremony.

Formally established in 1845, Covent Garden Market is one of London Ontario’s most treasured cultural landmarks. In years past; farmers and shoppers mingled on sawdust covered floors where everything and anything was sold. Today, open 7 days a week, they offer an abundance of food, services, a weekly local famers’ market and an array of cultural festivals and events.

From left to right: Nadia McCormack-McIntyre (Board member), Amy Shackleton (host), Georgia Raso (Board member), Weireen Velasquez (member), Annette Lee (member), Brent Smith (guest), Luca Monti (Board member), George Thomas (Board member).

From left to right: Georgia Raso (Board member/sponsor), Annette Lee (member), Luca Monti (Board member/President).

Skål International London March’24 dinner.

Members and guests were treated to a wonderful and delicious Wine Pairing Dinner featuring wines from Quai du Vin Estate Winery at our March event. A big thank you to member & GM, Sean Palmer, and his great culinary team at Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre and member Annette Lee with Quai du Vin.

For more than 30 years, Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre has been the destination for inspired events. Nestled on 30 acres of sprawling parkland, this historic Georgian manor is the ideal retreat for private and corporate parties. With a rich Southwestern Ontario history and amenities catering to wellness and relaxation, a stay here will foster growth and nurture inspiration.

From left to right: Nadia McCormack-McIntyre (Board member), Jean-Claude Temperman (New member, Signal), Luca Monti (Board member), George Thomas (Board member), Georgia Raso (Board member).

Quai du Vin Team: Jay Johnston (Head Wine Maker), Tina Umbelina (Brand Ambassador, SKYE CHASE Estate Winery), Annette Lee (Retail Sales & Retail Sales Coordinator).

Mango & Raspberry Sorbet, Alphonso Mango, Killarney Raspberry, Fresh Blue Berries.

Front RowFrom left to right: Nadia McCormack-McIntyre (Board member/Residence Inn by Marriott London), Georgia Raso (Board member/GR Hospitality), Luca Monti (Board member/100 Kellogg), George Thomas (Board member/Doubletree by Hilton London). Middle Row. From left to right: Deon Patel – F&B Manger (guest/Ivey Spencer Leadership Team), Kriselle De Castro (guest/Beertown Masonville), Jeff Enwright – Executive Chef (guest/Ivey Spencer Leadership Team, Phillipa Lubin – Director, Finance (guest/Ivey Spencer Leadership Team), Lina Merchant – Director, Sales (guest/Ivey Spencer Leadership Team), Annette Lee (member/Quai du Vin Estate Winery), Weireen Velasquez (member/Residence Inn by Marriott London), Tina Umbelina (guest/SKYE CHASE Estate Winery), Laura Cooker (guest/London International Airport), Karen Downhan (member/Tourism London). Back Row. From left to right:  Cliff Fielder (member), David Escaf – Director, F&B Operations (guest/Ivey Spencer Leadership Team), Sean Palmer (member/ GM-Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre), Timon Fessahaye (guest), Jean-Claude Temperman (new member, Signal), Jay Johnston (guest/Quai du Vin Estate Winery).