‘Tour of The World in 800 Minutes’, by Skål International Palermo

Digital marathon to discover some of the most beautiful destinations.

Over 13 thousand people have been reached by ‘The tour of the world in 800 minutes’, the digital marathon to discover some of the most beautiful destinations that took place for 13 consecutive hours on Saturday 20 March from 9.37 am to 10.37 pm.

Altogether, the two sections of the marathon received 750 clicks on the post, 133 comments, and 54 shares.

Therefore, according to the numbers, the readers of Travelnostop.com, the only Tourism newspaper with 20 regional editions, directly or through Facebook, particularly appreciated this new formula, entirely online, that led them to discover about 25 foreign destinations around the world, not only thanks to the images but also with the commentary of the representatives of the Foreign Tourism Boards present in Italy. An unprecedented model to also communicate how the various destinations are reopening to Tourism and what type of Tourism offer they will propose for post-covid Tourism.

Several destinations are beginning to reopen to tourists: some allow entry with quarantine, those who require a negative molecular test, better if accompanied by a travel authorization, and those who, like Israel, Chile, and Great Britain, are betting on the vaccination campaign for a definitive recovery. In this regard, in the next few days, we will dedicate special focuses to each country which our marathon around the world has hosted.

"A wonderful initiative. An amazing and unique success. I would say, without exaggerating, a historical digital event. All very interesting and some excellent videos" is the opinion of Augusto Minei, Past President Skål International Rome. On the same wavelength Armando Ballarin, president of Skål International Italia, compared the marathon to a digital edition of Tourism exchange, rich in content and beauty. Similar enthusiasm has been expressed by Antonio Percario, Skål International’s International Councilor, who wanted to highlight the innovation ability of the Skål International members.

But there are also many compliments registered on the Facebook page that reached the editorial staff for the event's originality. "I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful initiative also on behalf of our director Jorge Rubio Navarro”, wrote Arturo Escudero García, Communication and Online Marketing Turespaña... “Congratulations on the digital marathon, it was a beneficial moment of sharing and information, and I am sure that the trade operators enjoyed it very much". "A great initiative to promote Tourism represents one of the cornerstones of the desire for normality", said Giovanni Calabrò.

The ‘Tour of The World’ was opened by Giorgio Palmucci, president of ENIT. He welcomed Italy to foreign delegates and greeted the readers of Travelnostop.com: "Today - he underlined - we can imagine where we can go when the pandemic is defeated, once the distribution of vaccines will be widespread and will allow us to return to travel, to experience emotions by traveling, seeing places, meeting people, enjoying the wealth that the world offers us. In this sense, the EU's passport is preparing for the summer is heading in the right direction. However, a common strategy is still needed among the main countries because this year, too, like last year, one of the fundamental variables for the choice. Of the holiday will be the safety rather than the price, both for those who travel and those who welcome".

In closing, a focus on cruises thanks to Giuseppe Lupelli, Sales Account Manager for Southern Italy of MSC. This first company has returned to sail the seas respecting a strict covid protocol, at the end of an animated debate in which took part Patrizio Roversi, Andrea Petroni, Mirco Paganelli, Edmondo Boscoscuro, Gigi Cusimano, Elisabetta Calandrino, Paolo Petralia, Sandro Billi, and Rudy Vianello.

"I believe that the whole Logos team has contributed to writing an unprecedented page in the history of digital Tourism communication in Italy", commented Toti Piscopo, CEO of Logos, editorial director of Travelnostop.com, and President of Skål International Palermo, after the marathon ‘Tour of The World in 800 Minutes’.

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