Visit by President Bill Rheaume to Skål International Paris

On Sunday 19 September, Skål International Paris President Karine Coulanges picked up President Bill Rheaume at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport for his first visit to Paris.

After a welcome drink at her house’s garden, they went to Paris downtown, at the hotel Pullman Eiffel Tower, which offered a very good rate thanks to a Skål International Paris member.

Then, they went walking to the Bateaux Parisiens, where they enjoyed a nice almost private and 'exclusive' dinner cruise, organized by Skål International member Alexandre Schaub and which was attended by President Bill Rheaume, Skål International Côte d’Azur President Nicolle Martin, Skål International Paris Secretary Alain Coulanges, Skål International Paris Communication Officer Michel Nahon, Emmanuelle Llop and Ghislaine Homond.

Monday morning had on the planning a visit to the Florimond Volckaert grave, the ‘Father of Skål International’ at the Cemetery Le Père Lachaise, followed by a visit to the ‘historical’ Headquarter, Hôtel Scribe where President Bill Rheaume could meet with some members of Skål International Paris and enjoy a light lunch!

In the evening, Rendez-Vous in Montmartre, for a guided tour of the ‘village’, and then an enjoyable evening, at La Bonne Franquette, owned by Skål International Paris member Patrick Fracheboud, and his son Luc. Great cuisine and great entertainment and fun!

President Bill Rheaume enjoyed all his time in Paris, including a visit up to the Eiffel Tower and walking through this beautiful city with Skålleague Isabelle Longpré, from Quebec, where she was Skål International President.

Thanks to all Skålleagues who helped us to make Bill Rheaume’s visit an unforgettable and enjoyable one!

Video of the visit by President Bill Rheaume to Skål International Paris