April'22 Message from the CEO

Daniela Otero

CEO, Skål International

International tourism begins 2022 strongly while facing new uncertainties.

According to the latest available data, international tourist arrivals worldwide more than doubled (+130%) in January 2022 compared with 2021.

After the unprecedented drop of 2020 and 2021, it is hoped that international tourism will continue its gradual recuperation throughout this year.

But it is true that the war in Ukraine is posing new humanitarian, social and economic challenges, not only in Europe, but also on the world scene, which may hamper the incipient tourism recovery of recent months.

The closure of Ukrainian and Russian airspace, as well as the prohibition imposed by many European countries on the operations of Russian airlines, is affecting internal travel within the European continent.

It is also causing diversions in long haul flights between Europe and East Asia, which translates in longer flights and increased costs.

Although it is too soon to evaluate the impact in our industry, airline searches and reservations in various channels showed a slowdown during the first days of the conflict, but registered a rebound at the beginning of March.

In the face of this war, we are proud to see how our tourism industry is showing great solidarity, opening hotels to thousands of refugees and making donations to help the victims of this conflict, a great example of that is our membership!

Our thoughts continue to be with those affected by the war and our wish is for peace to return as soon as possible. Because without peace there is no tourism and we have experienced the consequences with the recent pandemic of how the economy slows without the travel industry, without a doubt, a global economic driver.

Let us make April as the month dedicated to tourism and the 88th anniversary of Skål International, the month of friendship, peace and Skålleagues united. Let us feel the strength that our organisation offers us and let us do all we can to help each other.

Thank you to all of you for continuing to form part of the Skål global community.

Daniela Otero

CEO, Skål International