Good news for the Travel Agency sector

During the last few months, one of the main issues on the agenda within the Tourism sector was for travel agencies and IATA to reach an agreement on airline refunds.

This was so that airlines could process the refunds submitted through agencies following the devastation in the sector caused by COVID-19.

It was clarified that, in order to access credit benefits, the agencies must belong to IATA, which has announced that it will carry out an analysis on a case-by-case basis.

It has also been reported that agencies will be allowed to defer payments for a few months to give agents a break.

Several associations are in discussions with IATA. Many of our Skål International members who are part of the UFTAA, for example, are involved in order to mediate and discuss the current and future relationship between travel agencies and airlines. 

These negotiations are likely to end with the design of a new programme that can protect travel agencies from possible crises such as the current pandemic.