July'20 Notes from the Editor

Fiona Nicholl

Director Skål International


It’s been 4 months now since the dreaded ‘C’ word entered our world and as we know, our beloved Tourism industry has by far been hit the hardest.

Some countries have been lucky enough to receive support from your countries’ government but sadly, there are still many countries that haven’t been as fortunate.  

As Director of Communications, I take the time to speak to Skålleagues from all over the world and hear first hand how they are surviving both professionally and personally. It breaks my heart to hear that hotel doors remain closed and travel agents are spending their time issuing refunds. This is not the world I want my son to grow up in!

There is one thing that we are all looking for right now and that’s support. Support from our governments, support for businesses to open, support to keep staff employed, support from our Tourism leaders and support from our Tourism organisations. 

Today is the day to be reminded that you are not alone. You have 13,468 friends in 103 countries all around the world. You have a strong team at Skål International Head Quarter in Spain being led by our CEO Daniela Otero. This team is dedicated to Skål International and all our members. 

A sample of things that are currently happening are:

  • Regular communications to Skål International Officers and all Skål International Members.

  • Exclusive webinars for Skålleagues.

  • A ‘Job Board’ has been added to the Skål International website for you to browse or add any vacant positions you might have.

  • Membership benefits for you to list your services and specials to Skålleagues.

  • Membership incentives.

There has never been a more important time to stay connected, stay safe and stay positive! As an industry, we are strong, confident and the happiest. Let’s face it, we do have the best jobs in the world and we will survive!

We are all in this together!

Yours in Skål,

Fiona Nicholl

Director Skål International