July'22 Message from the President

Burcin Turkkan

Skål International World President, 2022

The Extraordinary General Assembly (EOGA) is over, and the results were publicly shared last Monday, July 11. 

Since this date I continue to receive many emails from Skål International leaders, National Presidents, club Presidents, and former International Presidents regarding the results of the EOGA voting. 

These include emails of those who have challenged the plan or announced that they would not be supporting the plan as is. While the majority is disappointed to see that although 61% of the membership has voted pro changes the change did not pass; all parties are asking for the proposed governance plan with its statutes and bylaws amendments to be re-discussed and revoted, with a refined content, at the AGA in Croatia that will take place between October 13-18, 2022.

As I stated to many in my replies, while it is sad to see the proposed changes did not pass, I still see it as a huge step towards the change moving forward. As expressed by many, the plan is not perfect but a solid step for the change. It is encouraging and exciting to see that in such a brief time, the call for change has been embraced by 61% of our members in an organization like ours that has existed for 88 years. In democracies, we all know that sixty-one percent is considered a serious majority. This is only a beginning, and this minor setback will give the Committees and us as Executive Board the chance to perfect the change plan for the better.

On July 14th I send out a letter making a call inviting the Governance Committee and the Statues Committee to get back to work and accept the mandate we have now from membership officially based on the voting results and follow-up emails. The letter also called for those who stated their opposition and asked for additional time to refine the plan and bring it for membership discussion and vote at the AGA 2022 in Croatia to join these Committees.

According to the communications sent out before EOGA, questions submitted during the Zoom calls, social media platforms, and during the EOGA, there are just few topics that need to be refined. 

Based on the Skål International Statues, any amendment to both, the Statues and Bylaws, requires to be presented to the Secretariat General 60 days in advance of the AGA. Based on this, the deadline to announce the proposed Statues is August 15, 2022. The Executive Board will need time to review, approve, and present the proposal. Therefore, the two committees must submit their final work/proposal and refined Statutes and Bylaw items by August 8, 2022

The Committees will be headed by the Executive Board liaisons for these Committees as assigned earlier: Senior VP Juan Steta (Statues & Bylaws Committee) and Interim VP Hulya Aslantas (Governance Committee). As the call was open to all, those interested in joining the existing Committees have reached out to both Committee’s and expressed their interest to join and provide their constructive contributions to refine the plan by given deadline.

Skålleagues, let us finish the work that our fellow Skålleagues have started. This is a work that is embraced by 61% of our members who are willing to see Skål International move forward with an updated, refined organizational structure, and a modern governance model that will bring fair representation at the top of the organization with diversity & inclusion in mind, that will encourage membership growth, emerge new leaders, support succession plans while attracting new generations.

Let us keep working together to become stronger and lead the way for Skål International to survive for many more decades!

I look forward to seeing not only the official delegates but all Skålleagues at the upcoming Skål International World Congress in beautiful Croatia. Please visit the website now to complete your registration today!

For any questions, feedback, or concerns, please feel free to email me or anyone on your Skål International Executive Board at any time.

Always, in Friendship and Skal,

Burcin Turkkan

Skål International World President, 2022