May'20 Message from Vice President Teresa Díaz

Teresa Díaz Comas

Senior Vice President Skål International

I would like to send you a message of friendship and love during these challenging times we are all experiencing.

This is the ideal time for all Skålleagues to improve skills, attain new skills and enhance your talents.

Due to the beneficial relationship that Skål International and CETT, Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy enjoy, Skålleagues were able to complete a free online course on Sales Strategies.

We prepared this course with the objective in mind, that in a competitive and uncertain environment such as the present one, it is necessary that the professionals who are in contact with the clients of accommodation establishments have a series of skills, methods and techniques that allow them to establish an efficient and long standing relationship with their clients.

I am pleased to share with you that 77 Skålleagues enrolled for the course with a deadline date of 31 May for completion, with more than half that have already completed the course. The feedback from Skålleagues has been very positive so far.

I would like to invite all travel and Tourism colleges and universities globally who have Skålleagues in their employ to also offer similar benefits to our large membership base. 

Another tangible Skål International benefit on offer is the Summer School program from 6 – 17 July 2020 which is now open for subscription. Click on the link of the Summer School programme and/or contact me directly via email.

The travel and Tourism industry in Spain is envisaging that flights will be operating in July so borders will be open for tourists and CETT University will be open to receive students to all courses.  

In conclusion, a positive thought!

Light and wellness and Nature is always our best mentor, if we connect with it regularly and remember that we receive our strength from the daily Sunrise.


Teresa Díaz Comas

Senior Vice President Skål International