May'21 Council Corner

Denise Scrafton

President International Skål Council

The International Skål Council has met three times this year via Zoom with between 85-90% of Councillors in attendance. 

We have been delighted to welcome new Councillors from India, Mexico, Italy, and Australia. 

Discussion at Council has been vibrant; however, new Councillors introduce new ideas and possible ‘Best Practice’ processes to be distributed around the Skål International world. We always welcome new input!

Clubs, National & Area Committees, and Skål International all have one primary source of income directly from membership fees. One of the significant values of membership is the very precious ‘database’. The importance of membership classifications and how we portray our database is essential to our membership quality and income

A committee has been reviewing and working on the Membership Categories and Classifications. The project parameters were for the committee to come up with membership classifications that are useful to members, whether you are a product sitting in a hotel, transport or attraction area, or part of the wholesale and travel agent sector. To this end, a draft of the work will be submitted to the Executive Board for discussion this month for further input.

In addition, an international committee has been formed to identify locations for possible new clubs around the world. This includes work being carried out on a strategy to assist new clubs to be successful and assist struggling clubs. This document, when finalised, will also be distributed to clubs to assist in their endeavors for success. 

I cannot stress enough how important it is for clubs to reach out to their Councillors to discuss any issues. If your region does not have Council representation, please go to the website and find your closest Councillor or indeed contact me as President of the ISC.

I know many countries are in lockdown, and it is indeed a challenging time.  It has never been more important to be part of a network of like-minded people. To that end, many of your fellow Skålleagues are available for you!

Stay safe.

Yours in Skål

Denise Scrafton 

President International Skål Council