New Governance Transition Committee

My Fellow Skålleagues,

The theme for the year in Skål International 2022 continues to be ‘We are stronger, together as one’. 

I am happy to announce that Skål International has accomplished the three main goals to be achieved in 2022: 

  • Restructure of the Governance 

  • Better Fiscal Policies 

  • Strategic Growth of Membership 

As alluded in my theme, the goals set out would only be achieved with focused collaboration of all members who would be invited to join eight different committees and co-chaired by appointed Skål International members, where meaningful contributions and a carefully planned implementation process was to be discussed and worked on. 

These committees, as you know, were put together at the begin of the year and they all have produced great projects during the 10 months, which were presented at the World Congress in Croatia.

One of the major goals to be accomplished was the Governance Restructure. This goal had been achieved with the work completed by the Governance Committee and ended up with the approval of the over two-thirds of membership during the AGA in Croatia. 

Now, with the proposed structure being approved by you the membership, we have a more important task to accomplish ahead of us which is the execution of these proposed changes. To be able to have a full and successful execution and smooth transition is needed. For that, Skål International only has 12 months starting as of November 15, 2022. 

As we all know, success is only achieved through collaboration and applied ideas. For this purpose, during the Skål International Executive Board meeting on November 15, 2022, I have initiated the New Governance Transition Committee. This Committee will follow the proposed 12 months agenda to assist the 2023 Executive Board and the Skål International Headquarters to secure a smooth transition with proper preparation of necessary coordination and training needed by Clubs, National & Area Committees worldwide.

The New Governance Transition Committee has 16 Skålleagues selected to bring their expertise to the committee for execution of the new governance plan representing various continents where Skål International exists. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them in advance for their commitment and for accepting to be a part of this Committee, volunteering their time for another important Skål International mission:

  • Maureen Ogola – Kenya (Africa) 

  • Fiona Angelico – South Africa (Africa) 

  • Lavonne Wittmann – South Africa (Africa) 

  • Fernando Azcona – Mexico (Americas)

  • Jean-François Côté – Canada (America) 

  • Holly Powers – U.S.A. (Americas) 

  • Sanjay Datta – India (Asia)

  • Heike Garcon – Thailand (Asia)

  • Hiro Liao – Taiwan (Asia) 

  • Marianne Krohn – Germany (Europe)

  • Eric Etienne – United Kingdom (Europe)

  • David Fontanella – Switzerland (Europe)

  • Alfred Merse – Australia (Oceania)

  • Bruce Garrett – New Zealand (Oceania)

The Executive Board Liaison for this Committee will be Juan Steta, President Elect for Skål International 2023. Interim Vice President Hülya Aslantas and me will be the advisors for the Committee to serve and assist as and when needed.

Skålleagues, I am excited for the future of our organization and looking forward the positive impact the change will bring to Skål International globally.

As always, your Skål International Executive Board and I am at your service at any time for your questions, concerns, and feedback.

Always, In friendship and Skål,

Burcin Turkkan

Skål International World President, 2022