October'20 Notes from the Editor

Fiona Nicholl

Director Skål International

Firstly, a huge congratulations to all the amazing award winners at the recent AGA and to the newly elected board members. 

It’s a great honour and privilege to work with you all.

The AGA was certainly a challenge and something that we have never experienced before. Here’s hoping we can soon return to the ‘new normal’ and travel to beautiful Quebec City and attend the 2021 Skål International World Congress and meet face to face!

Included in this newsletter, you will find a message from our 2021 President elect, Bill Rheaume, a message from our CEO, Daniela Otero plus a message from our 2021 International Council President elect, Denise Scrafton. There are already some great new ideas coming from the new 2021 team! 

Since receiving feedback from the AGA, I have included a new ‘Digital Tips’ section which will feature each month, some simple handy tips on how to promote Skål International and your own business. If you would like a particular topic covered, please feel free to email me directly

Just a gentle reminder that as of January 2021, you will need to have your login access to the skal.org website to be able to read and view all articles including the monthly newsletters and magazines. If you have not yet gained access to the website, please email Mercedes at HQ to help with your login. 

New memberships still have a bonus 2 months available so recruit now to secure 2 months free! Remember that there’s no better time to be a Skål International member!

Stay safe and stay connected!

Yours in Skål,

Fiona Nicholl

Director Skål International