October'21 Message from the President


Bill Rheaume

President, Skål International

Skål International is alive and well. 

Skål International Asia Area completed their AGM in September and Skål International Europe Area held their AGM for 23 October.

Skål International Asia Area completed their AGM in September and elected a new Board, congratulations to everyone. 

Skål International Asia President Andrew Wood has an ambitious plan aimed at rebuilding trust and friendship within the clubs and National Committees that make up the Asia Area. One of the initiatives relates to the ‘#Rediscover campaign,’ focusing on member-to-member marketing opportunities designed to encourage tourism and travel within Asia, while rebuilding and rediscovering the spirit of Skål International.

The theme of ‘Rediscovering’ also lends itself to Interim Director Lavonne Wittmann’s campaign to re-energize membership engagement and growth. I would like to suggest that all clubs adopt a ‘Rediscover Skål’ theme for the last quarter of the year and into the first quarter of 2022 as we enter the membership renewal period.

Skål International Europe Area held their AGM for 23 October with a very qualified and enthusiastic slate of candidates for the election. Skål International Europe’s focus is on rebuilding the Skål International spirit and unifying the Area Committee’s members adding strength and engagement within Europe following the ‘Rediscover theme.’ We need dedicated, experienced, and committed individuals for leadership positions in all levels of Skål International, to carry the spirit that has allowed Skål International to achieve the longevity we enjoy.

The world is re-opening and as members of a Travel and Tourism Organization, let’s embrace the opportunities. Our members, as well as all of the tourism sector businesses, have been working hard to be able to provide safe experiences to visitors. Travel between countries is possible again, bringing new hope for the post-COVID recovery.

We have the benefit of being able to offer great experiences and showcase our products and services, to ‘Travel the Skål Way’ building lasting friendships.

As an association, we also need to support and lobby for the concept of a universal ‘Travel Pass’ app to help travelers navigate different country’s entry requirements. Travel is a glorious feeling and face to face in-person business is glorious, even when partially covered with masks. It’s time to visit a destination, taste the food and interact with the different cultures. Skål International needs to be at the front end of the recovery. Let’s set the example of travelling again, attend conferences, travel for leisure and let’s give Zoom a well-deserved rest.

In friendship and Skål!

Bill Rheaume

President, Skål International