Reflections on ethnic and cultural diversity in Skål International

Ethnic and cultural diversity enriches us as a society and gives meaning to tourism. To highlight its importance, Presidents of Skål International Clubs from different countries reflect on the question:

"What does cultural and ethnic diversity mean to you within Skål International and your Club?"

"Regardless of ethnicity or abilities all are able to participate".

Karen Trevino, President of Skål International United States of America.

"No matter what your cultural roots are, you have a space in Skål International".

Guillermo Galvis, President of Skål International Bogotá (Colombia).

"As a Skål International Club, we accept people without worrying about their origin, creed, gender or sexuality. They are Skålleagues first and foremost".

Christine Ayers, President of Skål International Brighton, Sussex & The Channel (United Kingdom).

"It is a very important topic, and a full and friendly integration has been achieved".

Carlos Asensio, President of Skål International Argentina.

"Cultural and ethnic diversity are the essence of an international organisation such as Skål International, and an important part of the reason why I had joined our London Club, as it provides the comfort of acceptance and a sense of belonging, no matter what your background might be. Most importantly, every aspect of diversity promotes peace and peaceful coexistence, it broadens our horizons and enriches our lives, but more so, it provides the opportunity for each one of us to learn from new perspectives and generate new ideas".

Sneshka Richter, Secretary of Skål International London (United Kingdom).

"Ethnicity is part of human identity, traditions and community around the world. For Skål International Bucharest, ethnicity and diversity is an advantage that brings a lot of perspectives, cultural insights and skills to create a welcoming environment and to improve our members' experience. By promoting diversity, we enhance collaboration, great creativity, better decision-making, and innovation in Tourism Industry".

Gratiela Badicu, President of Skål International Bucharest (Romania).

"All people are equal. Our Club is against ethnic and cultural separation".

Recep İşleyici, President of Skål International Konya (Türkiye).

"Natives and diverse cultural heritages develop broader visions".

Jorge Jochamowitz, President of Skål International Lima (Peru).

"That's what Skål International is all about!".

Reigl Heinz, President of Skål International Prague (Czech Republic).

"Cultural and ethnical diversity means inclusion for all people at our Club!".

Lilian Tankard, President of Skål International Winnipeg (Canada).

"We are all different from each other, but we are all equivalent. There are no differences, only mutual enrichments that allow us to grow".

Francesco Luconi, President of Skål International Lugano (Switzerland).

"Diversity leads to a vibrant and inclusive community".

Fernando Harb, President of Skål International Miami (United States of America).

"Cultural and ethnic diversity within Skål International enriches the group by bringing together different perspectives, experiences, and ideas. It fosters understanding, promotes tolerance, and encourages learning from one another's backgrounds. Embracing diversity strengthens the community and enhances the overall experience for all members. Learning from colleagues worldwide with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds broadens our understanding of the world and helps us see things through different eyes and can lead to more creative problem-solving, improved communication skills, and increased cultural awareness, which are valuable assets in any professional or social setting".

Franziska Duering, President of Skål International München (Germany).

"In a country like South Africa where ethnic and cultural diversity is an integrated part of our existence, we endeavour to let that diversity evolve spontaneously through our membership. We actively foster our shared heritage and use our differences to reinforce our shared passion for tourism and travel".

Kobus Buys, President of Skål International South Africa.

"To me, it means unexpected and enriching experiences and stories, giving you ideas out of the box. We need tolerance and open minds in our travel industry in order to share hospitality everywhere in the world".

Wolfgang Dieterich, President of Skål International Stuttgart (Germany).

"Cultural and ethnic diversity must be at the heart of our Skål International membership. We must bring in new tourism industry management level members that mirror our society and show the world that Skål International welcomes all".

Jack Wert, President of Skål International Southwest Florida (United States of America).

"Ideas, exchange, inclusivity, strength and diverse collaboration".

Maureen Ogola, President of Skål International Kenya.

"To acknowledge differences and understanding amongst all members".

Christele Frouin, President of Skål International Port Vila (Vanuatu).