Second survey for the Skål Travel and Tourism global Index

The second survey for the Skål Travel and Tourism global Index (Skål TTgI) has started.

Answers come dribbling in with some great comments. The situation still is mixed, some improvement on one hand but total lockdown on the other hand.

While 39% of the answers say that their business situation has improved in the past three months, 44% say unchanged, and 17% declined.

Dear Skålleagues, we know, for all of you, it is a highly awkward situation. For many of you, it means fighting to survive with your business. Therefore, we thank you wholeheartedly for taking your time to read these lines and for those who have answered the second survey.

The head of the project from the IU University, Prof. Felix Wölfle (Photo), comments on the importance of the cooperation with Skål International:

"Our dual educational system lives on the cooperation with partners from the industry. The industry partner, in this case, Skål International, defines themes from their business; IU delivers the scientific approach to developing solutions on a practical scale. This is to the benefit of all partners involved since the students are educated along with the demand from the business world”.

To make the survey result more valuable, we kindly ask you to spend 10 - 15 minutes of your valuable time participating in this survey. We are still sure that our own Skål International Business Index can give our community a great awareness of our business in these uncertain times. And we show the strength of our global organization for the trade and potential members.

And we will share the results of this project with all Skål International members!!!

This is the first root activity from members for members. After 52 years of membership in Skål International, I am more than sure that Skål International can be much stronger if activities on a root level will support the excellent leadership by the official Skål International institutions. At least it is the club level where members are retained, or new members gained.

If anyone would like to comment on my opinion, has suggestions for an improvement of the survey, please feel free to answer directly to my e-mail.

Thanks to all of you, stay safe, and for a better future!

Wolfgang Hofmann, Skål International Düsseldorf Secretary

And the Team of the survey Sonja, Felix, Simon.