Skål International Annual General Meeting and Nominations 2020

The current evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions around the world have made the Executive Board consider that it would not be wise, both for safety and economic reasons, to proceed with a face-to-face Congress in Argentina in December, and have decided to hold a virtual Annual General Meeting on the same date as it was scheduled within the Croatia Congress programme. 

We take this opportunity to thank Argentina for their offer and encourage them to consider submitting a future bid. 

Therefore, in accordance with the Skål International Statutes and at the request of President Peter Morrison, all Skål Clubs Delegates are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Skål International to be held virtually on Zoom on Saturday 17 October 2020 at 16.00 hours (CEST).

The agenda, reports, and voting procedure instructions will be sent nearer the date of the AGM.

In the meantime, we are presenting the candidates standing for election:

For President:

Bill Rheaume (Canadian Rockies, Canada).

For Vice President (by order of seniority)

2 positions

Fiona Nicholl (Cairns, Australia).

Vijay Mohan Raj (Hyderabad, India).

Burcin Turkkan (Atlanta, U.S.A.).

For Director* (by alphabetical order)

2 positions

Marja Eela-Kaskinen (Turku, Finland).

Niel Els (Garden Route, South Africa).

Miguel Gonorowsky (Cordoba, Argentina).

Juan Ignacio Steta (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico).

For Auditor* (by alphabetical order)

Ernst Krolke (Sydney South, Australia).

Rafael Millan (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico).

For Membre D’honneur (by alphabetical order):

Zlatan Fröhlich (Zagreb, Croatia).

William (Bill) Moyer (Washington, USA).

*The CVs, video presentations and personal objectives will be included in the candidates’ section on the Agenda for the Annual General Assembly.

Thank you for your interest and best regards. 

General Secretariat

Skål International