The future of Skål International: Growing Our Members

As Skål International continues to connect and empower travel industry leaders worldwide, ensuring a robust and diverse membership base is critical.

This is where the Membership Development Fund (MDF) plays a vital role.

As the Director overseeing the MDF & Young Skål Committee, I am writing to you, our esteemed Skål International members, to highlight the significance of this fund and how your contributions can significantly impact our organization's future.

The Membership Development Fund (MDF) serves as the cornerstone of our efforts to attract and retain talented individuals passionate about the tourism industry. Through this fund, we support Skål International Clubs globally in developing innovative programs and activities designed to:

  • Engage with future generations: By hosting events and initiatives geared towards young professionals, we can nurture their interest in Skål International and the tourism industry at large.

  • Showcase the value proposition of Skål International membership: We can create targeted campaigns highlighting the unique benefits of being part of our esteemed network, fostering a sense of community and professional development.

  • Expand our reach: The MDF empowers Clubs to organize outreach programs, attend industry events, and explore diverse marketing avenues to connect with potential members who share our values and vision.

Your contribution to the MDF, no matter the size, goes a long way in propelling these crucial initiatives forward. It allows us to:

  • Develop comprehensive membership development toolkits: These resources equip Skål International Clubs with the necessary guidance and strategies to effectively attract and integrate new members. 

  • Organize regional and international workshops: By sharing best practices and fostering collaboration, we can empower clubs to implement successful membership development strategies. 

  • Recognize and reward outstanding membership development efforts: The MDF enables us to acknowledge and celebrate the dedication of Skål International Clubs and members who excel in membership recruitment and retention. 

Investing in the MDF is not just about growing our numbers; it is about shaping the future of Skål International. By attracting bright minds and fostering a thriving membership base, we ensure Skål International's continued success as a premier organization for travel industry leaders. 

Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant Skål International for generations to come.

Asuman Tariman

Skål International Director 

Membership (Development & Retention), Membership Development Fund and Young Skål