Young Skål program success stories: Nuria Flores

Nuria Flores

Skål International Puerto Vallarta - Riviera Nayarit President

I ´m Nuria Flores, 31 years old, born in Mexico...

My first memory of Skål International goes back to when I was about 9 or 10 years old.

My father took all the family to a luncheon, I happened to see a friend from school there and remember being happy to have found someone I knew amongst all the grownups. 

Skål International signs were decorating the place, and the traditional toast took place. 

Fast forward 15 years. I’ve graduated college and currently live in Puerto Vallarta; I’m 25 years old. I get the opportunity to run an Eco-Adventure Park with zip lines and a restaurant and I couldn’t resist. 

During my first year in Puerto Vallarta, I attended several Skål International events in the company of my father, and I was always happy to go and meet interesting and knowledgeable people that were in the same industry I was just discovering. 

In 2016 I was approached by some members of the local Skål International Board; they told me everything about this new project called Young Skål and asked if I would be willing to start this Young Skål club in Puerto Vallarta, and again, I just couldn’t resist.

That first year we integrated more than 6 young professionals and students and officially inaugurated the Young Skål Club. 

In 2017 my career took a turn for the best and I was able to make the jump to the 'adult Skål International club', as we jokingly called it amongst the young Skålleagues. I could not wait to share a table with all these businessmen and women and learn from them and their experience. 

My first position in the local Board was Secretary, from 2019-2020. Working with that board gave me the opportunity to learn how the club worked, and all the effort that is put behind curtains that has made Skål International what it is today.

In 2021 I had the honor of being Vice-president of Skål International Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit, gaining more knowledge and reaffirming my compromise to Skål International. 

This year I had the greatest honor of being elected President of Skål International Puerto Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit. A seat that once belonged to my father and had never been taken by a woman. A position that I take seriously, professionally, and close to my heart.

For Skål International has given me amazing opportunities, professionally and personally and connected me with new friends all over the world.

Nuria Flores

Skål International Puerto Vallarta - Riviera Nayarit President