Skål International forms Aid Committee for Ukrainian refugees

Joining efforts to assist the thousands of Ukrainian refugees, Skål International creates an emergency Aid account to assist the many needs of the Ukrainian refugees.

Skål International has initiated a special Aid Committee and opened an account to gather funds for support. 

Skål International will dedicate the funds to providing immediate emergency support to Ukrainian Refugees crossing the borders in Europe where Skål International clubs exist and be ready to provide support in the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war.

The Aid Committee will work closely with Skål International Bucharest as the front-line club providing help to refugees with food supply, transportation to neighboring countries to help refugees reach the next point of stay and calling out for volunteers if and when needed.

The committee will also work with the international humanitarian aid organization for children UNICEF and consider a donation on behalf of Skål International membership to be used for the wellbeing of the Ukrainian children affected by the war.

World president of Skål International Burcin Turkkan appointed Matanyah Hecht and Jan Sunde as co-chairs to the committee. “The wellbeing of all the refugees, especially the children from Ukraine, is a priority to our organization. Peace and decent living conditions are essential to human dignity. Skål International will work hard to bring aid to the children and adults undergoing hardship”, said president Burcin Turkkan as she is personally involved in the committee efforts and coordination.

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