The Skål International Executive Board, with its new Leadership, takes over for 2021

The 2021 Skål International Executive Board has met for the first time on a virtual meeting to kick start 2021 with a new set of goals.

Skål International Executive Board for 2021

The Members of the Skål International Executive Board for 2021 are Bill Rheaume, World President from Skål International Canada; Burcin Turkkan, Senior Vice President from Skål International USA; Fiona Nicholl, Vice President from Skål International Australia; Juan Ignacio Steta Gandara, Director from Skål International Mexico; Marja Eela-Kaskinen, Director from Skål International Finland; Denise Scrafton, ISC President from Skål International Australia and Daniela Otero, CEO from Skål International Spain.

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The international Executive Board of Skål International will prioritize and focus on supporting collective passion for Skål International and Tourism by furthering global partnerships, developing relationships, increasing awareness and influence through Tourism industry events to increase Skål International membership value.

"As I begin my term as Skål International World President, we still face the daunting task of keeping member engagement and interest high while the Tourism industry slowly recovers from the devastating outcome of COVID and resulting lockdowns and travel restrictions. The Executive Board is committed to supporting that recovery in every way possible and promoting Skål International membership values when the importance of community support is so necessary.' said Bill Rheaume, World President, Skål International. "Now, with vaccines available, there is finally some light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Our industry must be ready to support the travel companies, airlines, and hoteliers as they fight to survive this unexpected downturn," he added.

In 2021 Skål International will continue to work closely with UNWTO as Daniela Otero, CEO of Skål International, is an Affiliate Board Member. The organization will also continue close collaboration with other partner associations such as WTTC, PATA, IIPT, The Code, ECPAT, ICTP, and Sustainable Travel Association.

"Governments, organizations, businesses, and ultimately all of us will need to invest the next few months in more training focused on recovery. Working together and collaborating has been, and will continue to be, vital," said Daniela Otero, CEO of Skål International.

During 2020, Skål International, like every other association worldwide, conducted its meetings in various online platforms as virtual meetings or, in some cases, using the hybrid format.

In 2021, this will continue to be the norm for the first 4-6 months. "Our goal in 2021 will be to maximize the visibility of Skål International globally while maintaining an effective and progressive communication internally. We will establish and drive a multi-channel communications strategy, develop a brand voice, and maintain brand integrity across all platforms. We plan on using multiple social and digital media platforms to maximize our presence within the Travel and Tourism industry," said Burcin Turkkan, Senior VP responsible for PR/ Communications and Digital Media.

As the first International association adopting the Digital Transformation as of 2018, Skål International has technologically advanced platforms to allow its members to do business virtually using these platforms. "As we are at the second phase of the Digital Transformation, we are working on introducing more advanced technologies and innovative platforms to our global membership' said Fiona Nicholl, Vice President of Skål International.

Skål International is planning on meeting in October 2021 with its global membership at the Annual Skål International World Congress in Québec City, Canada. This event could be one of the first global travel and Tourism industry meetings after the pandemic. The Congress has an extensive program including B2B events, workshops, guest speakers, welcoming members and non-members from the global travel and Tourism Industry.